May 2018


“As part of developing our new art business, we had engaged a photographer and a graphic designer to help design our branding and some photo media for our website and social media. And though they are all professionals and amazing, we needed someone to make it all come together. Enter Kylie Eastley. She started by providing a detailed quote for what she could do for us and then facilitated a big strategy meeting with my partner Dan and I, our graphic designer and photographer so that we could all get on the same page about what our business and branding looked like.

It was such a great (although exhausting!) meeting over several hours and resulted in a clear picture starting to take shape of our brand, our products and services, and how we market it. Kylie followed up that evening and within 24 hours of finishing she’d sent me a transcript of all our notes from the day, a list of actions for me to follow up on, and what our next steps would be as we continued to work together. As we are developing the business while also working on a major public art project, this session was a huge investment of our time but ultimately worthwhile for the clarity and focus we now have.

Kylie brought her extensive experience both in the arts sector and as a self employed freelance creative to this project which are invaluable to anyone who is trying to forge a successful career as a self employed artist. She has walked the path herself so she understands exactly the challenges and hurdles that can crop up. Plus she is a positive and encouraging facilitator who kept everything moving in the right direction and asked probing questions to help us define our brand, products, and services.

I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone at any stage of their art career. Whether you need help working out where to start putting yourself out there, or need a provocateur to push you through to a new stage of your practice, or just need someone to bounce ideas off if you’re not sure whether they will even work, Kylie can help you. We will definitely continue to work with her after development and launch of our business for all these reasons and more! Love your work!!”


JANE LONGHURST, written in support of an application to the Churchill Fellowship.

“I have known Kylie for approximately five years. Our paths have intersected numerous times due to dovetailing interests and our mutual commitment towards Tasmania’s creative industries. I have engaged Kylie for preliminary consultancy around my personal career path and options within Tasmania and was immediately impressed by her preparation, consideration and wise counsel.

The creative industries within Tasmania desperately need people of the calibre of Kylie Eastley. She is connected to a broad network of community, industry and government contacts, is incredibly industrious, smart and has the capacity to be both a canny strategic, ‘big picture’ thinker combined with a keen eye for detail. Kylie also never forgets the frailty of human insecurity. Her warm and generous nature are also personal qualities Kylie has in abundance.

This is an incredibly potent force for an agent operating within the arts and not for profit sector. Typically Kylie has identified a need, surveyed her network far and wide and gained intelligence on her chosen topic.  I am confident any business venture Kylie embarks upon in future will be underpinned by similar rigor, integrity and entrepreneurial zeal.”



“That was the best value for money I have ever had.  I am all charged up rearing to expand more fully into myself and I thank you much.”

Naomi Howard 2010